A downloadable game

This is just a tutorial game  I made for the Atari 2600.

In my opinion its just crap :) but now released for everyone to test.

No sounds and a not great gameplay, BUT it works on real hardware.. I have tested..

Hopefully it will be more 2600 games in the future from Axbakk Games.

Published 21 days ago
AuthorAxbakk Games
Tags2600, atari, atari2600, Homebrew

Install instructions

To play on windows you need a emulator like Stella!

Or to play on real hardware an UNO or Harmony cart.


Axbakk Games - Stoffe.bin 4 kB
stoffe.png 3 kB


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That's really impressive, dude! Don't put yourself down. My first game was TRESH and yours is actually better, tutorial aside.

Don't talk yourself out of your dreams. I believe in you, Axbakk! <3

thanks man. 😊 no im not talking myself down, im really glad i made it.. but for what it is and not that its a great game, but i have made it and it works on a real machine. 😃 Tresh.. is that a game? Will check that out.

Hopefully more (and better 😂) atari games will be made in the future. 

No worries. By TRESH, I mean trash. I was just memeing. By the way, you've really got the aesthetic down for something so simple. I see big things from you. Also, thanks for the quick reply. You rock. Stay safe, Axbakk. :) 

Thanks for those worming words. :) i like the idea of something simple still can be a fun game. 
will make more of them for the 2600 in the future. I promise.

Stay safe you too in this crazy world right now.