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The plot:

”At the Atari landfill excavation, Evil Totto escapes and flies off to conquer the world, and get ahold of the golden pineapple.

Along the way, he recruits a bunch of evil basterds to join him with his evil plans.

It´s now up to you, Pinky, the brave and cool flamingo, to stop Evil Totto and his evil friends, and find the golden pineapple, and once and for all put him back in the ground. Along the way, you will need to collect as many pineapples as you can to gain the strength (extralives) to take him down.”

About the game:

I created the game with Super Mario Bros in my mind, with enemies that reminds you of retrogame characters. I wanted a game that’s easy to learn but gets harder along the way with pixelperfect jumps etc. that everyone can play.

The game contains 11 levels, 3 bosslevels and 3 hidden pineapple-caves and maybe some kind of  easteregg, who knows.

 Pinky is created in NESmaker as an hobbyproject, and is my first complete game. My ambition is to create more games in the future and evolve as an gamedeveloper. I have put down a lot of time debugging and optimize the game, but sometimes some small graphical glitches can occure.

-No physical games at the moment, due to lack of components-
(For physical game, please contact me on my instagram-page @axbakk_games for info.)

What you get if you pay:

$4.99: The game ROM file and the manual document.

$7.99: The game ROM file, manual document, front- and backlabel, mp3 soundtrack and an pixel Pinky pic.

Game developer: Axbakk Games

Music and SFX: Takuikaninja

Label- and boxart: Googie & Pacnsacdave

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AuthorAxbakk Games
Tags8-Bit, Homebrew, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), neshomebrew, nesmaker


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

PINKY for NES.docx 173 kB
Pinky.nes 512 kB
Back-Label.png 231 kB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more
Front-Label.jpg 375 kB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more
Pinky Soundtrack by Takuikaninja.rar 31 MB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more
Pinky.png 688 kB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more


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Fairly easy game. Graphics are vibrant and sounds are nice.  Addicting enough for me to go straight through it.  The label looks like a child drew it though.


Thanks for your response and the nice words. 😊 Yeah it is hard to know when a games difficulty is ok. But i had in mind that both adults and kids are able to play without turning it off because its to hard. And about the label, everyone likes different, i think its really nice but i respect your oppinion. 

Cheers // Axbakk ✌🏻

You nailed it then bud. It is very accessible without being so easy that it's boring. You should be proud.

thanks! 👌🏻